Promoting Research and Understanding of Regenerative Biology

Mission:  The International Society for Regenerative Biology (ISRB) aims to provide an inclusive and integrated community for scientists that study all aspects of regeneration in invertebrate and vertebrate model organisms. Our vision is to advance knowledge and awareness of regenerative biology by promoting and disseminating regenerative research to both scientific and public audiences. We will support and enhance key existing meetings, while organizing our own conference every two years. We will enable broader participation in regenerative biology research through student mentoring projects, travel grants, achievement awards and public outreach. These activities will foster interactions between regenerative biologists, the broader scientific community and the general public.

Our current projects include:

Webinars:  We expect to support a series of short webinars moderated by community members on a variety of topics related to tissue regeneration. Members receive free access to all webinars.

Awards: We expect to award prizes for discovery and service in the field of regenerative biology.

Highlighting our community: We will highlight members of our community and their discoveries.

Education: Junior scientists will be a focus of ISRB and will be provided opportunities for interactions, visibility, and career support. We expect to organize the preparation of materials to educate the growing number of students interested in regenerative biology.

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