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The International Society for Regenerative Biology

Promoting the Science of Tissue Regeneration


For early career researchers charting new directions and making scientific discoveries and/or other contributions that impact regenerative biology research.

Previous winners:

2022: Mayssa Mokalled, Washington University, and Purushothama Tata, Duke University

Nomination Criteria:

1. A single Nomination Letter, cosigned by two nominators, that speaks to the nominee’s scientific contributions, achievements, and impact on the field of regenerative biology.

Nomination letters should:

  • explain why the nominee is deserving of a young investigator award
  • reference impactful publications and their scientific significance
  • illustrate originality of nominee’s research program and independence
  • indicate other key ways in which the nominee has influenced the field of regenerative biology

2. Nominee’s complete CV

Nominees must be within 7 years of starting an independent research group

Nominators must be ISRB members but nominees need not be ISRB members

Self-nominations are not accepted

ISRB Board members may nominate a candidate but will not participate in voting if they do so

Rising Star Award Medal designed by Stephanie Nowotarski Ph.D.

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