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The International Society for Regenerative Biology

Promoting the Science of Tissue Regeneration

KnowN ISSUES with registration

1) If you are having your membership fee paid by a central administrator or finance office follow these instructions. During the registration process you should see the options below.

Click invoice me. You will receive an email with the invoice. Forward this email to your administrator. The email contains a link that can be paid by credit card. The link should be this:    ****  To pay by credit card please click here:  View invoice online  ****

2) If changing level (for example from postdoc to standard subscription, etc) your renewal date will need to manually adjusted. Please email and we will sort it out.

3) Users in China may be blocked and see the following message. Please email and we will sort it out. You may experience other issues with registration from China but these should resolve on their own if you try with a different browser or on a different day.

 4) If you let your membership lapse for a year or more and then want to restart your membership the system will invoice you for missing years and may not restart the membership properly. Please  email and we will sort it out (and you do not need to pay for the missing years!). 

5) If you are a bundle coordinator and are having trouble adding others then just let us know and we will do it manually ( ) .

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