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The International Society for Regenerative Biology

Promoting the Science of Tissue Regeneration

ISRB Virtual Launch ProgramApril 8-9, 2021

8 Apr 2021 12:40 | Anonymous
ISRB Meeting Final Schedule

Day 1 – April 8, 2021 (all times are US East Coast time)

9:00      Welcome and Introduction of ISRB: Ken Poss, Duke University, USA, President ISRB (10 min)

9:10      Invited Speaker: Tatiana Sandoval Guzman, Center for Regenerative Therapies, Germany (20 min)

Post-embryonic development and regeneration of the appendicular skeleton 

in Ambystoma mexicanum

9:30      Miguel Salinas Saavedra, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland (15 min)

Mechanisms of cellular reprogramming in cnidarian whole body regeneration.

9:45      Hadil El-Sammak, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Germany (15 min)

Vegfc signaling promotes coronary revascularization during cardiac regeneration in zebrafish

10:00    Keynote Speaker: Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, Stowers Institute, USA (40 min)

  Regeneration: a conceptual leap in our understanding of biology

10:40    Duygu Ozpolat, Marine Biological Labratory, USA (15 min)

                        Germ cell regeneration in Annelids

10:55    Olivia Justynski, Yale, USA (15 min)

                        Cellular contributions to skin wound repair.

11:10    Invited Speaker: Andrea Wills, University of Washington, USA (20 min)

Chromatin accessibility and single-cell transcriptomics reveal new regulators of regeneration

in natural progenitors.

11:30    Faculty-mentored break-out discussions 

Day 2 – April 9, 2021 (all times are US East Coast time) 

9:00      Welcome & vision: Elly Tanaka, Institute of Molecular Pathology, Austria President-elect ISRB (10 min)

9:10      Invited Speaker: Chen-Hui Chen, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (20 min)

What can zebrafish tailfins tell us about complex tissue regeneration?

9:30      Bruno Guillotin, New York University, USA (15 min)

Checkpoints in cellular programming during root regeneration: a single cell resolution

9:45      Anna Czarkwiani, Center for Regenerative Therapies, Germany (15 min)

De novo thymus regeneration in a vertebrate, the axolotl

10:00    Invited Speaker: Michalis Averof, Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, France (20 min)

How faithful is regeneration?

10:20    Tisha Bohr, Cornell University, USA (15 min)

Planarian stem cells sense the identity of the missing pharynx to launch

it’s targeted regeneration

10:35    Melanie Worley, University of California, Berkely, USA (15 min)

Transcriptional program that is necessary for regeneration but dispensable for development


10:50    Keynote Speaker: Freda Miller, University of British Columbia (40 min)

Regeneration at Your Fingertips: Molecular Mechanisms underlying Mammalian


11:30 Presentation of the Society, Ken Poss, President ISRB, and Elly Tanaka ISRB President Elect/Open

Society Discussion

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